About Anne

Anne Ristorcelli was born and raised in the mountains of
Nevada. Playing the viola since childhood, she received a
Bachelor of Music from Oberlin Conservatory and a Master of
Music from the University of Colorado, Boulder. While recovering
from a playing-related injury during her professional career,
Anne´s journey with the Feldenkrais Method began. It was
through the Feldenkrais Method that she regained the full ability to play again and a new trust in herself and her relationship to her viola.

Since then she became a Feldenkrais Practitioner in 2019 and has a praxis in Vienna Austria where she gives FI and teaches ATM classes. She has also taught Feldenkrais at her home in Nevada, Colorado, Norway, Nepal, Russia, Taiwan, and Australia. 

In her own words, I am here to be a Feldenkrais teacher.